Aerial Firefighting Simulator


A first-of-its-kind Aerial Firefighting Flight Simulator project for a large aerial firefighting company in North America. The project involved development of three unique Flight Training Devices to train pilots in the art of aerial firefighting to counter forest fires that are often a cause of extensive devastation in that part of the world.

This was an all-encompassing project that required AerX Labs to develop and put its design and development, hardware, software, and system integration skills to use.

AerX Labs provided two single-seat cockpits reconfigurable via software to simulate either the Air Tractor AT-802 Fire Boss (on floats) or the AT-802 wheeled version. Each single-seat cockpit included a replicated cockpit layout with mission specific components including Tank controller specific to the AT802, and a gauge showing total tank capacity and quantity loaded.

AerX Labs also built a Reconfigurable Sim featuring two aircrafts that included Cessna Caravan 208 and Turbo Commander TC 690. Each dual-seat cockpit included a replicated cockpit layout, interchangeable overhead panels with tactile switches and gauges that mimic each aircraft’s actual panel and a birddog console has an event marker button on the console to trace the ground path of the aircraft to mark the intended drop point for the Air Tanker.