Instructor Station

A touch-optimized Instructor station for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. The AerX IOS is organized into multiple pages, each page provides a distinct feature. These included Position page: For positioning the aircraft on runway circuit positions and provides slew controls for forward, backward, left, right, altitude, heading, pitch, and roll.


Debrief Station

AerX Debrief station is a touch-optimized debrief tool. This tool can be used to review recording sessions of AerX IOS. The AerX IOS while in recording sessions records several training-related parameters and saves them in a CSV file, additionally, it instructs the CIGI(Common Image Generator Interface) software to record all CIGI data exchanged with IG. These recorded files can be used to review the recorded session in debrief station. The debrief station provides features to play, pause, jump to a certain time, increase playback speed. The debrief station runs along with IG, the CIGI data exchanged during the recording session is used to replay the IG view, the debrief station allows users to view IG as first-person view, trailing view, front view, left side view, and right side view.


CIGI Interface

AerX CIGI Interface receives flight data from Prepar3D and frames CIGI packets to send to IG. The CIGI Interface reads the location and weather-related information and sends CIGI packets to IG accordingly. The CIGI interface timestamps each read of data and performs extrapolation before sending location to IG.


Gimbal Video Feed Simulator

AerX developed a module simulating Gimbal Video feed using any CIGI based IG. Our SW interfaces to any flight dynamic module or sim engine over TCP IP and makes the video available as a network stream or HDMI. Features include high fidelity sensor images/video correlated with visual terrain database from the IG for use in cockpit displays and in modes like EO, IR, Radar Group Map Image, ISAR, SAR, Terrain avoidance, WX display, etc.