Multi Engine

Generic Reconfigurable and ICAO Level 4,5 FTD Variants


Our Generic Aircraft can be configured with any of the following aircrafts and more can be added later:

Single Engine: Cessna 172,152| Diamond 40| SR20 | Mooney Acclaim | Piper Cub | Bonanza Multi Engine: Diamond 42| King Air 350| Baron 58| Piper Seneca

Apart from that on both variant custom aircrafts including RC, UAV and rotary wing aircrafts designed by students and faculty can be integrated and flown as well

For our Flight School customers we the configuration can be locked down . Our Single Engine & Multi Engine Simulation are certfiable to ICAO & FAA FTD Level 4 & 5 . Currenlty our installations are DGCA Certfied FTD Level 4.




  • Complete & accurate simulation for multi engine with options for different engine types
    (Thielert, Austro etc.)
  • Unparalleled, compact 8 Meter Curved Display with FOV of 180 x 60˚
  • Standard Control Stick (single on the left Side), Rudder Pedals (single on the left side
    with Toe Brakes), Pedestal (Throttle / Fuel Mixture / Trims)
  • Excellent tool to understand and master avionic systems and Multi Engine controls from
    a pilot's perspective
  • Advanced Garmin G1000 cockpit instrumentation with Autopilot Option & cockpit lighting
  • 2-seat enclosed cockpit with Replica of Cockpit using Genuine Aircraft Parts
  • Analogue backup instruments display


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