Single Engine

Generic Reconfigurable and ICAO Level 4,5 FTD Variants


Although designed around accurate dimensions taken from a single engine Cessna 172's cockpit, appropriate deviations have been made to simulate other airplanes as well, such as a turboprop and a light jet airplane, while providing more seating comfort in the simulator cockpit.

A versatile cockpit that provides multiple flight control inputs, near-complete aircraft systems simulation, multiple instrument and system inputs, dedicated primary and secondary instrument controls, and an instructor station, the AerX Single Engine Simulator is everything that a Skill Development institute needs.

With the cockpit supporting both analog (traditional) and glass (advanced) cockpit instruments/ gauges/ systems, trainees get an unmatched appreciation of the different generations of cockpit instrumentation and flight control.



  • Complete & Accurate simulation for single engine piston aircrafts
  • Accurate flight (aerodynamic) models.
  • Unparalleled, compact 8 Meter Curved Display with FOV of 180 x 60˚
  • Controls: Standard classical Cessna style yoke (Dual). In addition, Dual connected rudder pedals, throttle quadrant (throttle / mixture / flaps), and pitch trim wheel.
  • Avionic systems: Traditional (analog) and advanced (glass: Garmin G1000 based)
    cockpit instrumentation / display reconfigurable as per requirement.
  • Cockpit instrument & Backlighting like in the real airplane.
  • Instructor station with intercom to students



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